This November, Vote…

It’s time to put students first!

In Roseville California, we enjoy an excellent quality of life. Our quality of life is built upon having great schools! However, there are forces at work at the national, state, and even local levels that are working to undo what makes this community and our schools so successful. The last several years have seen our school children come into the crossfire of politics and bad policy. Parents have awakened to this danger and are taking up the fight to protect their children!

It’s time for a school board that reflects the community that it serves!

Having parents of K-8 students on the board, who can empathize with the needs of both students and their parents, presents an opportunity for a better connection. Board members who understand parenting in the current school environment is a must! As a parent in the district, I represent you!

It’s time for families to feel secure in their children’s education!

Parents know their children and their children’s needs best. Parents should be able to trust schools to provide a quality education in a safe environment. Dry Creek District Teachers should also feel supported and confident in preparing their students for high school and beyond. With the support of parents and community members, we intend to create a board that promotes parents parenting and teachers teaching.

It’s Time to Meet Jason!

As a parent and a professional, I champion the following values:

  • Putting the needs of ALL students first.

  • Partnering with Law Enforcement & Fire to stay prepared for emergencies and keep schools safe.

  • Involving parents in decision-making and providing a receptive forum for their concerns.

  • Preparing students for the future by restoring focus on improved math, reading, science, arts outcomes.

  • Providing a safe, supportive, and empowering work environment for high-quality teachers and staff.

As your your Dry Creek School District board member, I will operate with integrity, diplomacy, and transparency! I humbly ask for your vote!

It’s time for the J-Team!

Running alongside Jason are Jean Pagnone and Jon Fenske. They are three motivated parents determined to protect and improve the lives of children in the Dry Creek District. They are committed to ensuring your children receive a safe and quality education that’s focused on preparing them for the next level.

Together, they will work to improve math and literacy rates, collaborate closely with public safety to secure our schools, and push back against harmful policies that threaten the health, safety, and ability of our students.

Vote for the J Team, Jason, Jean & Jon this November!

You Can Donate to My Campaign here!

You can help!

Let’s secure a successful future for our district!

We want to represent students and parents on the board but I need your help! Please donate, volunteer,

or post a yard sign. Thank you for letting me be your voice!

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Are you a concerned Dry Creek JESD Parent, Teacher, or Community Member?

The J-Team wants to hear from you! Please contact me here!

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